Project Description

Recessed shower pack

Blue epoxy coated DOC M Recessed shower pack.

18 items:
2 Drop-down rails, length 760mm.
3 Grab bars, length 600mm.
2 Grab bars, length 450mm.
1 Lift-up shower seat.
1 Backrest, depth 125mm.
1 Shower curtain rail, 1200 x 1200mm.
2 Shower curtains, white PVC.
1 Stainless steel coat hook.
1 SECURITHERM single control thermostatic recessed shower mixer.
1 Chrome-plated TONIC JET shower head, tamperproof and scale-resistant, with automatic flow rate regulator at 6 lpm.
1 Recessed diverter valve.
1 Multi-mode shower kit, 1.5m hose.
1 Shower hose retaining collar: retains shower hose correctly.
1 Wall outlet.