Project Description

Recessed thermostatic shower mixer 
Ref. 790BOX-H9632

SECURITHERM single control thermostatic shower mixer with no non-return valve (reduces bacterial proliferation).
Anti-scalding failsafe: hot water supply shuts off immediately if cold water supply fails (and vice versa).
Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns.
Temperature control: cold water up to 39°C with maximum temperature limiter set at 39°C.
Thermal shocks are possible.
Scale-resistant thermostatic sequential cartridge for single control of flow rate and temperature.
Flow rate regulated at 9 lpm (mixer only), 6 lpm at 3 bar with shower head.
Hygiene control lever L. 100mm.
M¾” inlets with integrated filters.
• Waterproof recessing housing behind a bright polished stainless steel cover plate 160 x 220mm.
• Adjustable recessing depth from 10 – 30mm.
• Order a wall-mounted outlet or shower head to complete.10-year warranty.