Project Description

Floor trap 
Ref. 683001

Floor trap for tiled or concrete floors with adjustable height:
Flow rate 36 lpm (standard).
Water level 50mm.
150x150mm bright polished stainless steel plate and grid.
Horizontal or vertical outlet Ø 40mm integrated into the height of the floor trap (saves height and space in all dimensions).
Integrated waterproof plate to seal waterproof membrane.
Withstands high temperatures: 60°C continuous, 85°C peak.
Plunger with handle: easy to grip and easy cleaning.
Smooth PVC body (prevents build-up of impurities).
Classified non-flammable (American certification UL94).
110mm high, adjusts up to 70mm with extension.
Grid fixed with 2 stainless steel screws.
10-year warranty.