Project Description

TEMPOMATIC 4 urinal valve 
Ref. 430SBOX-430030

Waterproof recessed electronic valve for individual urinals:
Mains supply 230/6V (cable and transformer included).
Black wall plate 145 x 145mm in shock-resistant vitro-ceramic glass.
Waterproof recessing housing:
– Collar with integrated seal.
– Hydraulic connection from the exterior and maintenance from the front.
– Multiple installation options (rails, solid walls, panels).
– Compatible with wall finishes from 10 – 120mm (while respecting the minimum recessing depth of 83mm).
– Supply can be standard or “pipe-in-pipe”.
– Stopcock and flow rate adjustment, filter and solenoid valve all integrated and can be accessed from the front.
– TEMPOMATIC 4 F1/2″ flush valve is compatible with sea water and grey water.
– Supplied in 2 kits: system can be flushed safely without the sensitive elements.
Shock-resistant infrared presence detection sensor.
Activates after 10 seconds of presence detection.
3 programmes (flush volume can be adjusted according to type of urinal).
High-frequency mode (exclusive to DELABIE:
Short rinse after every user.
Additional rinse at the end of the busy period.
Hygienic duty flush every 12 hours or 24 hours (or OFF) after the last user: prevents vacuums.
Flow rate pre-set at 0.15 l/sec at 3 bar, can be adjusted.
Ø 35mm connection washer (for standard urinals) or 1/2″ brass connector (for urinals with flexible supply hoses).
10-year warranty.