Project Description

Anti-bacterial BIOFIL cartridge filter 
Ref. 30050A.10P

Single use anti-bacterial BIOFIL cartridge A with sterilising grade of 0.1μm absolute-rated.
Cartridge filter without waterproof seal and with rain effect spray.
Hydrophilic polyethylene hollow fibres.
Filtration area: 1,400cm².
Filtration flow rate: 12 lpm at 3 bar (filter only, excludes any flow rate restrictor/regulator in the shower/mixer outlet).
Maximum upstream pressure at point-of-use: 5 bar.
For up to 62 days’ use.
Compatible with and resistant to chemical and thermal shocks.
Non-sterile anti-bacterial filters.
Weight: 80g.
Packed in boxes of 10 pieces, individually wrapped, non-sterile.