Project Description

TEMPOFIX 3 frame system for urinals
Ref. 538400

Frame system W. 430mm for urinals:
Black epoxy coated steel frame for wall-mounted installation.
Fixes to load-bearing floors and walls with supplied anchoring bolts.
Adjustable bracket from 100 – 280mm.
Frame height can be adjusted from 0 to 200mm.
Ø 50mm soil pipe with waterproof seal.
Supplied pre-mounted.
Conforms to standard NF D12-208.

Fitted with TEMPOSTOP M1/2″ time flow valve:
Solid brass valve body.
Time flow ~3 sec.
Shockproof mechanism.
Flush tube with connection washer Ø 35mm.
Chrome-plated wall plate Ø 195mm (concealed fixings).
For walls 20 – 40mm.
Technical features: see TEMPOSTOP urinal ref. 777924+777925.

10-year warranty.