Project Description

TEMPOFLUX 2 direct flush valve 
Ref. 762902

Recessed time flow valve for direct flush:
Multipurpose recessing housing.
Chrome-plated metal wall plate Ø 195mm.
Recessing depth can be adjusted from 0 – 20mm.
3L/6L dual flush can be adjusted to 2L/4L.
Soft-touch operation.
Vacuum breaker.
Integrated stopcock and flow/volume rate adjuster.
Solid brass body.
Chrome-plated metal push-button.
In-line inlet M3/4″.
Outlet connection for PVC tube Ø 26/32mm.
Low acoustic level conforms to European standard EN 12541 class II.

This model does not have a waterproof recessing housing. The installer must ensure that the recessing area is waterproof and any leaks or condensation can drain away (see installation guide).
10-year warranty.